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Night Sights


Mag Extensions

Security Case


Range Bags

Glock Hats

Ameriglo Night Sights

Ameriglo Night Sights are a stocked item and can be installed at time of purchase in most cases.  Ameriglo can give you the edge when you need it most.

Glock Magazines

GLOCK pistols permit almost unrestricted compatibility of the magazines within a caliber. Standard magazines, for instance, can also be used for backup weapons. Compact and subcompact GLOCK pistol model magazines can be loaded with a convincing number of rounds – i.e. GLOCK 26: up to 33 rounds. The innovative polymer frame of the GLOCK pistol does not require grip shells. As a result, it has considerably more space for the magazine body and enables double-row staggered cartridge configuration. For this reason, GLOCK pistols are superior in firepower to conventional pistol models of the same size. GLOCK magazines have a stiff metal tube encased in the proven GLOCK high-tech polymer. This resists deformation – even when dropped from great height or exposed to extreme environment conditions.

Pearce Grip extensions

in stock for most Glock models.

Security Case

An alternative to the standard Glock case, the security case offers additional safety.  An integrated cylinder lock protects the pistol from unauthorized access.  The  outer shell is impact resistant and weatherproof Glock polymer.

Survival Knife

The Model 81 Survival Knife features a sawtooth back for added utility.  Available in Tan, OD Green, and Black.  Blade length 6 1/2", Overall Length 11 1/2"

Field Knife

The Model 78 Field Knife is a durable multipurpose field \ military knife.   Available in Tan, OD Green, and Black.  Blade length 6 1/2", Overall Length 11 1/2"

Glock Range Bag

Glock Hats

Various Colors and Styles.  Most in stock.  Add some Bang to your head gear.




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