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FFL Transfer Policy FAQ's

With the recent boom in purchasing firearms online, understanding how to conduct a firearm transfer has never been more important. 


We accept all Class 1 Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfers for $40 per transfer.

• We do not charge transfers by the firearm!

• If the transfer is from one FFL with multiple firearms, the charge is still $40.

Proof of TX Residency

Recipient must prove their Texas residency by:

• Providing a valid Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID.

• Exception: Military with an out-of-state license can prove their Texas residency by providing a copy of their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders assigning them to a Texas military installation.

What happens next?

To help facilitate contacting a recipient when we receive the firearm(s):

• Ensure recipient’s name and phone number are included either on the shipment label or on the invoice/transfer paperwork (e.g. ATTN: John Smith, phone (222) 222-2222).

MUST Complete ATF Form

Recipient must complete ATF Form 4473 and be able to pass a NICS check for us to conclude the transfer of the firearm.

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